Friday, July 8, 2011

Fox News To Begin Filming Casey Anthony Reality TV Show

 Executives from News Corp met with Casey Anthony today after her lawyer contacted them stating her concern that the media was treating her unfairly.

 “They’re making me look like a monster just because I was trying to get my mind off of my missing daughter in a stupid hot body contest,” Anthony said in her soon-to-be-released exclusive interview. When asked how she did in the contest she rolled her eyes at Greta Van Susteren. “My body was perfect before Caylee, and she would have wanted her mommy to have fun with her best friends when she was feeling down,” Anthony said while undoing the top button of her orange jump suit. “I’m going to show the world that even when terrible things happen you can still maintain your dignity and move on.”

 Fox plans on replacing the once highly rated Glenn Beck slots with reality shows aimed at getting the truth out there. Executive producer Anthony Beltempo (of Jersey Shore Fame) said, “If my show has informed us of anything it’s that the lives of complete pieces of shit are both important and entertaining.” Beltempo seems sure that the show will earn him some “much need critical success as a documentarian.” Anthony’s attorney had expressed his concern that Fox was not willing to pay Casey up front for the show but remarked, “I can’t win them all,” as he drove off in his new Aston Martin.

 Filming of the show begins on July 17th and will chronicle her release, followed by her first night out on the town with her friends. Clint House, who came out in support of Casey’s parenting skills, has said, “I’m going to be the luckiest man in the world when Casey gets out. I always wanted to be with someone famous and she said I was the perfect man because I understand her.” It is unclear if the two have started a relationship but, when asked, Casey made it clear that she was very interested in getting “her single lady on”.


 “I’m going to finally make my daddy happy without letting him put his penis inside of me,” Casey said while staring blankly into the abyss."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If you're mad about Casey Anthony You'll love DAVID CASH.

There is a evil beast eating, sleeping and enjoying the town of Redlands,CA. He witnessed the heinous crime of the rape and murder of a child and did nothing.

This dude saw his best friend in a bathroom stale with a little girl choking and molesting her and he walked away.

After Jeremy Strohmeyer got his rocks off with murder he came out of the bathroom and told his best friend about what he did. 

Then They rode Roller-coasters

David Cash currently works at the Southern California Edison power plant on Mt. View. Someone in the Human Resources department there probably should have google searched his name slightly before hiring him. I wonder what would happen if he saw a co-worker being brutally attacked or murdered now?
Here he is in 2009 maybe at a work event. 

Here he is partying with his homies with no remorse.

Here he is on 60 minutes

( I can't embed it because its disabled)

This is the Child that David Cash could have saved or could have asked someone to help. 

Sherrice Iverson

For the rest of David Cash's Life he will be able to hide the fact about witnessing a Rape and Murder that he could have stopped. If a co-worker says something to him about it he will be able to sue for harassment. THEY MADE A LAW TO MAKE WHAT HE DID ILLEGAL FINALLY. 

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’- Edmund Burke 

If you see him downtown or eating at your favorite restaurant give him hell. 

Florida: A Beautiful Life in the Land of the Free

I would like to thank Florida for doing some backwards ass Arizona shit for a long time now. You're making California look like a dreamland.


The creation of movies such as Recount (based on the wildly popular 2000 election). 

They test the poorest and most miserable for mind saving intoxication (party time) . 

Billions of dollars will now be given to other states because they don't want to modernize (make railways).

We've got kids getting decapitated and causing years of America's Most wanted.

Plus today they allowed someone to get away with murder

Hopefully They do something completely unconstitutional  and duct tape her mouth and leave her in the swamp to calm down. 4 years in prison is more than the Dog whisperer (vick) but hardly worth 3 years of us watching. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011


This is an attack on your ego and sensibility. On April 22nd we celebrate the birth of Rob Mardis and the art/music that have made our run at the Underground very successful. WE NEED YOUR LOVE/MONEY/SUPPORT. You can say anything you want about how much you love local art and music but it means nothing unless you actually support them. If you don't come support or hate the event because of its over the top nature than you're acknowledging THE NEGATIVE OWNS YOU...

because its true.

Seriously though we really need your support each week for this to try and push us into our summer promo tour for Nerdpop. We may have a SCUM guide coming out this week if business doesn't get too crazy. Your participation is essential to our success.

The Rob Mardis Underground (19 e. Citrus. Suite 103, Redlands CA 92373)
(909) 798-1500

Here is the promo video from the first night.

Monday, April 11, 2011


You have successfully been infected. The first night went great and at some point they almost had to start lining people up. It is now time for us to seduce you. We will not be touching you with our hands or objects but pleasuring your sensibilities with more artists and different bands.

The first week the art show started slow and then packed up for the raffle. Come earlier if you want commissions and more special stuff. Plus there is great dinner and cheap drinks.

We pumped you full of MOD Rock and Sappy Indie goodness last week. This week we're a bit more prog but just as fun and loud.

Do it live.

What Hands are For


Jacob Crippen doing giant 8 foot tall pictures that we are raffling off. You get tickets by buying Jar Factory prints. It a way good deal and it goes to making this profitable to us.

I will be updating the artists section and reposting this later in the week.