Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Florida: A Beautiful Life in the Land of the Free

I would like to thank Florida for doing some backwards ass Arizona shit for a long time now. You're making California look like a dreamland.


The creation of movies such as Recount (based on the wildly popular 2000 election). 

They test the poorest and most miserable for mind saving intoxication (party time) . 

Billions of dollars will now be given to other states because they don't want to modernize (make railways).

We've got kids getting decapitated and causing years of America's Most wanted.

Plus today they allowed someone to get away with murder

Hopefully They do something completely unconstitutional  and duct tape her mouth and leave her in the swamp to calm down. 4 years in prison is more than the Dog whisperer (vick) but hardly worth 3 years of us watching. 


  1. I was reading today that because she's spent 3 years in jail for the trial it is possible that that time will be counted as time-served and she will be released on the day of her sentencing.